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Notes for Teachers

Series Overview

Horrid Henry is an antihero who attracts trouble as surely as jam attracts wasps. Henry’s character owes much to the tradition of the naughty child in children’s literature and comics. Children are attracted to Henry’s lively personality in spite of his unacceptable behaviour.

Author Francesca Simon says, ‘I often describe the Horrid Henry books as westerns for kids. Henry is an outlaw, who behaves dreadfully, yet often triumphs. Just as adults like reading about people who go against convention, so kids get a thrill from a child who always acts on impulse and never worries about the consequences. Henry is pure ego, while Perfect Peter is an exaggerated version of the impeccably behaved child parents think they want.’ Quoted from  Lovereading for Kids

Horrid Henry in the classroom

The Horrid Henry series is not just a great resource for reading at home or for encouraging early readers. It can also be taken into the classroom to inspire lessons for pupils in Years 1 to 4, not just in Literacy, but also in Drama, Art and DT.

  Download the teacher's notes

You can download these teacher’s notes, written by lecturer and writer Nikki Gamble for Orion Children's Books. They are based on the 10 stories in the collection HORRID HENRY’S EVIL ENEMIES, and the 10 stories in HORRID HENRY RULES THE WORLD. The specific activities based on individual stories are followed by general activities, which can be carried out with any stories in these anthologies or the other Horrid Henry books.



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