Try HORRiD HENRY’s brain-busting quiz and see how much you
know about the little devil!

1. What is the name of the head teacher at Horrid Henry’s School?
2. When Horrid Henry makes a stinkbomb to attack The Secret Club, which two stinkbombs does he mix together?
3. How does Henry trick Perfect Peter into handing over his Gold Gizmo?
4. In the dance class show, is Henry...
5. Who lives next door to Horrid Henry?
6. When Henry goes camping with his family, what do they eat on their first night in camp?
7. How does Henry lose his first tooth?
8. When Henry runs away from home, where does he go?
9. In which month is Horrid Henry’s birthday?
10. What is Horrid Henry most likely to say to Perfect Peter?