What happens next? You decide!


Horrid Henry has teamed up with Innocent Smoothies to create the biggest game of on-line consequences ever! Kids everywhere can join in creating a series of 26 stories, each inspired by innocent’s new alphabet fridge magnets (available in special multi-packs of kid’s smoothies).

To kick things off, Francesca Simon has written the opening line to every story – and from October 19th until November 13th, it'll be over to children across the UK to decide what happens next. Simply log onto www.innocentkids.com/magnets and click on the letter of the alphabet that takes your fancy.

The idea is simple.

  • Choose your letter and story
  • Read what's already been written
  • Then add your own line

Every day at 4pm a winning line will be chosen and added to each of the 26 stories.  Winners will then be contacted directly and win smoothies for kids and a selection of Horrid Henry goodies.  If your line doesn’t get picked, then don’t worry – you can always have another go. In fact, you can have as many goes as you like as the competition updates everyday.

Francesca Simon will provide online providing storytelling tips as well as advice on writing and coming up with great ideas. Francesca believes that “knowing how to tell a story is a really important skill for kids to develop as it helps educate them on so many levels, from improving their literacy to learning how to use their imagination. I’m really excited to be a part of innocent’s consequences game as it’s a great way for kids – and parents – to develop and practice this skill on a daily basis in a fun way.”

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