Check out the Hilariously Horrid Fun!

It might be back to school now, but the Easter holidays were packed full of Hilariously Horrid events. Competition winners attended our April Fool’s Day Party at Waterstone’s Piccadilly, where they were entertained with magic and balloon modelling, as well as meeting Horrid Henry himself.

The highlight of the afternoon was Francesca Simon reading from Horrid Henry Rocks – her new book of Horrid Henry stories that isn’t in the shops until September! The fun didn’t stop there…bookshops up and down the country hosted their own Horrid events over the holidays. Activities included Horrid Pass the Parcel, shouting ‘BOGIES!’ as loudly as possible, and a seriously yucky dip! Check out the pictures below for a taste of what children up and down the country got up to!

If you attended a Horrid event we’d love to hear from you or see your photos. A special ‘thank you’ to Lauren, aged 8, from Solihull who wrote this brilliant poem as part of Waterstone’s Horrid Henry day:

‘Horrid Henry is a boy,
Who treats his friends like his toy,
He winds them up and treats them mean,
He is the nastiest boy that has ever been seen,
Horrid Henry slick and sly,
Always wants to throw a pie!’


A bit of Horrid Henry magic!


Horrid Henry and his fans!


A Horrid Day at Waterstone's in Solihull


Francesca Simon at the Hilariously Horrid Party


Francesca Simon reads from her new book


Horrid Fans at Waterstone's Darlington


Horrid Tricks at Waterstone's Darlington


Waterstone's St Albans has a Horrid Day


Yucky Dip at Waterstone's Arndale Centre store


Georgia Walters - superfan!


Sam Walters - superfan!


Code Cracking Fun at Waterstone's Darlington


More Horrid Fans at Waterstone's Darlington


Horrid Henry at the winners' party


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