Discover the Horrid History of Henry here!

Horrid Henry has had some amazing adventures over the last 20 years. He gets away with things that most children can only dream about. He sometimes thinks back about them with a sneaky smile!

One of his first adventures was when he created havoc at his own birthday party. Then there was the time that he built his very own time machine. One of his favourite escapades was when he terrorized his classmates at a school sleepover in the museum. And what about the time that things went badly wrong when a famous author came to visit his school? There was the fiendish plot he planned when Moody Margaret invited all the members of the Secret Club for a sleepover, with catastrophic results of course! And who can forget when Horrid Henry met the Queen?

Check out the books page for details of ALL the Horrid Henry story books. How many have you read?


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