This Halloween I have got a mega competition for you. I am looking for your ghostly and ghastly Halloween jokes. The funniest jokes will go into a super-spooky Horrid Henry Halloween Joke Book next year, and if your joke is included you will also have your name printed in the book. You’ll be famous just like me!

Here are some examples to get you started:

What do get if cross a snowman and a vampire?
Frost bite!

Why did the one-handed skeleton cross the road?
To get to the second hand shop!

Every joke sent in will also go into a draw to win tickets for you and your family to visit the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, plus an amazing bumper bundle of Horrid Henry books.

All you need to do to submit your joke is fill in this form but BE QUICK! The competition closes on 31st October 2015. You can find full terms and conditions here.

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